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I Help Entrepreneurs Attract Their Ideal Clients and Make More Money!


Grab my Social Media Success Kit and Start Attracting Clients Easily, Effortlessly and Elegantly...

Ready for a business that is simple, fun and lucrative; attracting those who are right for your offer?

Do you struggle with finding leads for your business?

Are you challenged with converting leads to buyers and clients?

Do you get nervous and unsure when it comes to asking for the sale? 

Do you watch others succeed and wonder why it's not coming easily for you?

Most entrepreneurs face these same challenges. I did, too. You are not alone, and I am here to help you.


"Entrepreneurs hire me to unleash the Power of Social Media Selling and Attract High Paying Clients!"

Because most have no online or offline business strategy. They are wasting time on Facebook; invisible on LinkedIn; are clueless about "networking" effectively, or building relationships through follow up.

So, I help them turn connections into cash through profitable, authentic conversations and conversions.


Together, we Showcase and Package your Passion, Purpose and Program into an Online/Offline Strategic Plan that Connects with and Converts your Ideal Client, Unleashing the Profits of Social Selling!


Bottomline, you need to maximize profits through Social Media as an online strategy and “kick it old school” and connect in person, heart to heart, to attract and retain your ideal clients and be seen as the go to expert.

I'm all about RESULTS!!!

We work together to create the changes; the experiences; the SUCCESS you desire, and no matter what you are looking to accomplish, I have systems, tools and processes to get you there!


Ready to Rock Your Business?

I'm a mom who built a business with my children by my side, and I love showing others how this can be done.

What I teach is tested and proven by ME. None of it is theory! Does this sound like something you would be interested in?

Ready to work together? Here's how we can make that happen

Coach With Me!

If you're ready to go FAST, and have FUN, doing what you didn't think was possible, let's connect!

Fast Track to Six Figures Your First Year


Social Media Backstage Pass

My Social Media "Do It Yourself" Program is SO much more than just Social's all the behind the scenes that matters. Yes, we go there...


Street Smart Wealth Academy

Ready to create a "Comma Club" business? Join me in the Street Smart Wealth Academy!

You get In Person and One on One Coaching...


It's YOUR Time…

Are you READY? For something bigger, bolder and BADDER than what you've been experiencing so far?

Ready for More Money, More Free Time, More Freedom, More Fun? All of it and EVERYTHING?

Read My Full Story Here

What do others have to say about Jackie...

"Jackie Ulmer is the best of the best. She is not a ‘one hit wonder’. I worked side by side with Jackie at her first Network Marketing company as she grew a team of thousands. She went on to become a top leader our profession.She doesn’t just teach it . . . she’s a doer. She practices what she preaches! Power Recruiting is one of the best ‘How To’ programs I have ever heard. It gives you the real strategies, steps and skills for succeeding as a professional network marketer. Her ideas will inspire you to take action. I highly recommend this one. Five Stars!!! "

Jordan Adler
Author “Beach Money” and 7-Figure Network Marketing Professional

"The ripples of your servant leadership wave worldwide…. You are a gift to all who study you."

Richard Brooke
Network Marketing Company CEO, Author of Mach II With Your Hair on Fire; The Four Year Career

"'Jackie Ulmer is an extraordinary trainer. She has created a significant network marketing income by using both online and traditional business building methods. She has a strong grasp on how to leverage social media in a very practical and implementable way. She is an excellent strategic teacher. It is said that the most inspiring people speak from the abundance of the heart. This is Jackie’s true ace in the hole. She is passion-filled and has enormous heart for this business and for people. It comes across in every word she says. I heartily recommend Jackie and her training.” "

Margie Aliprandi

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